"Industrial Automation has been growing fast and is one of the most innovative industries. This leads to a very international and competitive environment. Many companies, from the small private enterprise to the international group of companies, are facing the same challenges: finding the right employees, developing quality products in a reduced time to market and keeping up-to-date with software tools.
Outsourcing what is not your core competence or for a temporary need of additional qualified Human Resources; migrating to Industry 4.0 & IIOT compliant products; consistently ensuring that your employees are trained on the latest software technologies will lead you to success. This is exactly where BE.services wants to assist you."



BE.services is pleased to announce the launch of BE.educated, the e-learning platform for Industrial Automation Software. Learn more...




  • We are your partner for all embedded software development tasks. Our experts help you at all levels, from consulting on your architecture to programming and Software Quality Assurance.





  • Our e-learning platform allows you to learn latest Automation Software Tools at your own pace with high-quality modules as part of a proven teaching concept.





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CODESYS System Partner

BE.services is a partner of 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH, manufacturer of the market standard IEC 61131-3 programming environment CODESYS.
Our expertise in the CODESYS runtime system makes us the specialists of choice for porting and adapting this software to any hardware platforms.
A CODESYS course is available on BE.educated, our e-learning platform for Industrial Automation Software.

Kaspersky Lab Distributor and System Integrator

BE.services is a partner of Kaspersky Lab for the sales and integration of the Embedded Security solutions dedicated to Industrial Control Systems.