Education is the best answer to a fast moving world, where technology demands rapid adaptation.
BE.educated® is the e-learning platform for professionals in Industrial Automation Software.

Learn Automation Software online!

Benefit from the many advantages of E-learning

  • Lower training costs
  • Standardization/consistency
  • Real-time access
  • Personalized learning
  • Self-paced
  • Ongoing access to resources
  • Optimization of timing
  • Monitoring of activities

Why e-learning?

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BE.educated is an online platform for education in Industrial Automation Software Tools.
Its modern and responsive interface makes it a very attractive environment to learn from anywhere and at anytime.


Get started:

Learning concept


The learning concept, developed thanks to many years of experience in education and e-learning based training,
uses a variety of information to keep the student focused.
A mix of theory and practice is followed by quizzes to control learning efficiency.


BE.educated® is an open platform for third-party companies to distribute their curricula and access a global pool of users and potential clients. The list of current courses is available