Xilinx, Inc. and BE.services offer a complete Industrie 4.0 & IIoT Reference Platform.

The Industrial Control Systems play an important role in smart factory infrastructures. While the ICS controls automation application, it also provides data from the factory floor to the Enterprise Management level.

Embedded Technologies to ease and accelerate the migration to Industrie 4.0 & IIoT are provided by BE.services in a single software package, ready to use and evaluate on the ZC702 evaluation kit from Xilinx.

Included technologies


  • IEC 61131-3 SoftPLC
  • Scalable and portable runtime system
  • Extendable runtime system
  • Free of charge IDE, customizable




  • Linux OS
  • OSADL Preempt Patch for real-time
  • Optimized real-time performance




  • Embedded OPC UA Server
  • Secure, open standard based data connectivity
  • Portable and highly scalable OPC UA SDK (Matrikon® FLEX based)




  • Embedded Security Shield*
  • Based on Kaspersky Security System
  • Security of communication channels


*Beta version. Product release mid of 2017.

  • Ethernet POWERLINK for Managing Node (MN) PLC
  • openPOWERLINK integrated in the CODESYS Control Runtime System
  • Configuration with the POWERLINK Configuration Editor CODESYS Plug-In




Cost reduction through ready-to-use package


Optimization of market launch


Reduced integration maintenance

Technologies already selected Evaluation hardware and software test licenses available Integration and support from BE.services
Third-party technologies fully integrated  High market acceptance of selected products and suppliers  Updates of the different single technologies (Linux, OSADL, CODESYS, POWERLINK, ESS and OPC UA) provided by BE.services

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