Industrie 4.0 & IIoT

Industrie 4.0, IIoT, Smart Factory, New Industrial France, Manufacturing 2025 China, Smart Industry… different names, and lots of articles, comments and discussions. At, we actively answer the requirements by providing Automation Vendors with integration services of key technologies.



What is expected from an Industrial Control System? provides key embedded technologies and integration services to comply with Industrie 4.0 & IIoT

SMART with CODESYS, the standard Logic Engine

Controllers need to be smart and CODESYS turns an electronic device into a smart controller. Its flexibility makes it compatible with almost all types of hardware platforms. (
As CODESYS System Partner, we provide a unique offering in engineering services around CODESYS:

  • Runtime adaptation
  • I/O drivers
  • Extensions
  • Tool Integration
  • Automation platform development



REALTIME with Linux and OSADL real-time patch

Modern controllers require good real-time performance. Linux has established itself as a majour Operating System in industrial control systems. OSADL’s patch turns Linux into a very competitive RTOS ( is Associate Member of OSADL and offers the following services:

  • RTOS Integration
  • RT Patch integration
  • RT Test Framework
  • RT Optimization






Data connectivity is a fundamental requirement for a controller. OPC UA, an open data connectivity standard, has established itself as the technology of choice for intercommunication between devices, tools, and applications.

As an official Matrikon® Eco Partner (, is authorized to distribute the Matrikon® FLEX OPC UA SDK and provides expert development and integration services to companies seeking to embed OPC UA in their products.




SECURE with Kaspersky Lab embedded security products

One of the majour challenge for Industrie 4.0. is security. IT-security has been a topic for most companies over the last decades but what about Security of the Industrial Control Systems? Kaspersky Lab is a specialist in IT-security and has launched solutions dedicated to industrial control to secure the controllers at the embedded level ( is Distributor and Integrator of Kaspersky OS and Kaspersky Security Server.




The complete Industrie 4.0 & IIoT software package is available for evaluation in partnership with Xilinx, Inc.

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