We offer software solutions to support you in the development of your Automation products as well as state of the art technologies to integrate into your Industrial Control Systems.

Real-time Test Framework


Matrikon OPC UA server

Embedded Security Solutions

Tool for development and test

Real-time Test Framework

Test the real time performance of your controller at the different phases of your development process.

Automation vendors using the CODESYS technology can benefit from our Test Framework to monitor the real time performance of their controllers. Using the CODESYS Test Manager (separate product provided by 3S-Smart Software Solutions), you can execute a series of tests under different conditions and monitor the real-time behavior (task jitter and transmission jitter on the Ethernet network).

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Embedded Technologies


POWERLINK is one of the leading real time Ethernet protocols in Industrial Automation. This software includes a configuration editor for CODESYS (Plug-in) and CODESYS runtime components to support the openPOWERLINK stack.

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Webinar POWERLINK and CODESYS Technologies


Matrikon® FLEXTM OPC UA SDK is Distributor and Integrator of the Matrikon® Flex OPC UA SDK, a portable, scalable OPC UA solution for embedded devices and developed by the market leader in OPC technologies.

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Matrikon® FLEXTM OPC UA server for CODESYS

Integration of the OPC UA Server stack in CODESYS with specific plug-in editor.

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Embedded Security Solutions is Distributor and Integrator of the Embedded Security technology dedicated to Industrial Control Systems and developed by the market leader in IT security.

The Kaspersky OS (KOS) is a secure OS dedicated to IIoT devices, including ICS, Kaspersky Security System (KSS) is a stand-alone security engine portable to different target devices and running under different operating systems.

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Embedded Security Shield

The ESS uses the KSS security engine and provides integration of KSS in CODESYS based ICS. The integration allows the protection of the ICS against potential attacks the CODESYS Gateway Communication channel.

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